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fifotrack Video - Vehicle Original Fuel Sensor Installation Guide

Abstract: How to install GPS tracker S30 and original fuel sensor.
1. How to identify fuel cable
2. How to do cable connection
3. How to do calibration
Video Time: 13:02

fifotrack Video - Firmware Upgrade Guide

Abstract: How to upgrade firmware of fifotrack.
Video Time: 3:02

fifotrack FIMS Video - Manager Account Guide

Abstract: Understand privilege of manager account. How to create user accounts, how to add object and assign objects to different accounts.
Video Time: 5:02

ffiotrack Video - ParameterTool User Guide

Abstract: Using fifotrack parameter tool to configure parameters on PC.
Video Time: 11:57

fifotrack FIMS Video - GPRS Command Generator

Abstract: Introduce "GRPS command generator" tool and how to send GPRS command from FIMS tracking platform.
Video Time: 2:21

fifotrack FIMS Video - Basic Settings

Abstract: Object highlight, time zone, interface, arrow, icon and group settings of tracking software.
Video Time: 2:50

fifotrack FIMS Video - Sub account Settings

Abstract: How to create sub account and assign the privileges
Video Time: 2:41

fifotrack FIMS Video - Zone Settings

Abstract: How to set up marker, zone and route areas. Zone in/out, route in/out alarm settings.
Video Time: 6:51

fifotrack FIMS Video - Sensor Settings

Abstract: Internal battery, external power, ACC on/off, odometer sensor settings.
Video Time: 4:59

fifotrack FIMS Video - Event Alarm Settings

Abstract: SOS alarm, fatigue driving alarm, idle alarm, engine on alarm, route in alarm and maintenance alarm settings on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 7:10

fifotrack FIMS Video - Camera Connection and Settings

Abstract: How to connect camera with tracker, configure event alarm to take picture, check picture on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 3:20

fifotrack FIMS Video - Temperature Sensor

Abstract: Connect temperature sensor with tracker and configure settings on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 5:20

fifotrack Video - RFID Hardware and Software Settings

Abstract: RFID Reader connection and settings on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 4:48

fifotrack FIMS Video - Fingerprint Connection and Settings

Abstract: Connect fingerprint scanner to GPS tracker and configuration on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 7:52

fifotrack FIMS Video - Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Settings and Report

Abstract: How to configure ultrasonic fuel sensor on FIMS tracking softwrae. Fuel filling, fuel theft and fuel level graph reports generate.
Video Time: 6:16